Who are we ?

Amelie: Lots of travelling by the past. Currently working as a psychologist. Particular interest to the big topic of positive and alternative education.

Alex: Computer scientist, the management of the website, pictures, the strong man and o.r.g.a.n.i.s.e.d

Théotime: The little adventurer of the band. What he prefers? Play with "Bââ" outside (understand "sticks"), when it is not observe the butterflies or carry pebbles.

The project

The travel bug, we both caught it, sooner or later, very hard. At the birth of our little boy, the question is : are we going to keep travelling "as before" ? The answer is no. But not for the reasons that we could think. Theotime gave another face to our travels: a desire to meet children and families on the way; a desire to make him discover and love the diversity of what he meets. As a family, we will never travel as before again. The journey is that more beautiful for us.

We decided to spend Theotime's 2 years old, in a very special way : by going to discover the world with him, sharing each of his discoveries, during an entire year. In January 2018, we'll fly for 350 days of travelling around the Earth, to the discovery of three continents.

The project looks easy and not so as the same time : meet landscapes and faces that live there by immersing us as much as possible in local colours. We do not expect that this year remains engraved in the memory of Theotime as it will remain in ours. However, we are sure it will remain engraved in his little boy's heart, giving him thirst to always discover a willing for the unknown, an imagination coloured with thousand faces and exotic games

How ?

Going on a sailboat ? By bike ? In Van ? UH… No, by plane… Well Yes much less exotic… But with our little one, and countries that we wanted to find out, it was the simplest and safest for the kind of trip that we planned. We will bring our tent, which we will use in most countries, camping as much as possible, except for some Asian countries. The project is also to focus on local transport as much as possible (bus, bikes…). For some countries, we plan to rent a vehicle in order to perform a "road trip".

To sum up, go and check "how-to" with informations about our gears and our itinerary, as well as our "small moleskines of travel" for pictures report. In the "Theotime's newspaper" you will find our fun facts or cultural all along the trip. Finally, a special thanks to our "partners" that make the extras of our trip.

Why ?

A question that often came back during the months before our departure : why ? For us, the answer is easy : being able to stop everything to go and do what we love best with people we love most gives us a very strong freedom feeling. So… Why not ?