9. Indonesia

Bali-Amed Part 2 (04/07 to 08/07/2018)

We liked the place so much and especially the hotel ("The Garden") and the beach of Lipah that we will come back, driven by the vagaries of the trip (to follow in our adventures in Jimbaran!), for a dive session for Alex, and our first outing Snorkeling at 3! Yes, our little fish, fascinated when we put our masks and snorkels, went under our eyes amazed to swim also in a totally autonomous way with our great mask and snorkel… Nice moments in perspective for the rest of the trip!

Bali-Jimbaran (02/07 to 04/07/2018)

For what should have been the last stage of our trip to Bali, we joined the south of the island to find for a few days in Air Bnb our friends tourdumondistes Marie and Geoffrey!
Unfortunately once we arrive in front of our accommodation, surprise, our friends will not be able to join us, stuck with a history of passport, and our host Air BNB remains unreachable! With the night falling and the desert neighborhood we do not run wide. Tapping to a door, we fall on a adorable family, not speaking a word of English, but who we goinfrent literally chocolate cake before we call us an Uber taxi to take us to a hotel. Thanks to the automatic translator of Google and their WiFi connections that they share generously with us, we finally spend a very good time. Our host Air BNB will not show until late in the evening, but no matter now we are lapped to the journey and fall quickly on our paws! We decide to spend only two days in the south, sad not to be able to meet our friends, cancel the Air nbb. The place is much more touristy than anything we have visited in Bali, and clearly this is not the most beautiful! We find the stray dogs and the hubbub of the city, which we had completely forgotten in Gili! We will still enjoy a day at scooter (in Balinese fashion, all 3 with Theo between us!) to visit the temples of the surroundings, unfortunately infested with monkeys. At the beginning of the trip we loved these little animals. Having experienced their inclination kleptomaniac we do not appreciate them any more, especially since those are particularly aggressive, attacking literally gang… It is necessary to arm small stones to threaten them, not to look at them and to go offshore. As a result, Théotime does not come down from his daddy's back, the pacifier stashed in the baby door lest a monkey steal it from him!
A special mention all the same for the delicious grilled fish that we taste on the beach, feet in the sand, for a handful of euros…
We decide to leave for Amed, our little corner of paradise, in order to spend the last 4 days of our trip!

Bali-Gili Islands (26/06 to 02/07/2018)

Since Amed, we embark confident on a boat (called speed boat) in order to reach the small Gili islands, between Bali and Lombok.

The journey to go deserves an epitaph on its own: The sea is dismantled, the boat pitching from all sides, rises, descends to the assault of the waves. If we venture out, we are immediately transformed into poor mops soaked by the swell. In it is the slaughter. The ship's staff, accustomed, distributes small bags and wet wipes to his victims. Miraculously, Théotime falls asleep and we escape a remake of the Philippine Buses!

We first land on Gili Meno, characterised by a lake in its centre. As on the 3 Gilis, no cars but carts drawn by horses or bicycles. The island travels on foot, and it feels like it's out of time. For a day, we join our friends travelers with children on Gili Air. The sea is turquoise, with unfortunately a lot of jellyfish (surely harmless but it is not pleasant!). Here as everywhere, we are seduced by the kindness of the Balinese, always smiling and full of respect. For our last days, we decide to stop on Gili Trawangan, famous for its festivities and nightlife. We settled a little away, finally much more quiet than we expected! This time we have the chance to observe turtles wandering nonchalantly the seabed.

From the island we watch Mount Agung erupt, which is very impressive. Will we be able to leave Bali in a few days as planned?

We leave to regret these small paradise islands and the privileged moments that we lived there, to return to Bali, to the south this time where we will find our friends tourdumondistes Marie and Geoffrey met in Costa Rica. The boat of return is much less epic: warned this time we arrange to install ourselves on the roof, where we are rinsed certainly but in the fresh air and eyes riveted on the horizon!

Bali-Amed Part 1 (23/06 to 26/06/2018)

We continue our tour of the island to join Amed (northeast). Here we do not speak of city, but of dwellings, hotels, restaurants and diving clubs that extend for about ten kilometers along the sea. Our driver is very nice but has no notion of kilometers, and asks us every 100m how many kilometers it remains… Patiently and laughing a lot we make him count, with as much haste as he to arrive at our destination: For a few days we will be staying at the "garden", small bungalows scattered in a beautiful garden populated among other beautiful Frangipani. When we arrive, we are greeted in French by Brigitte, accustomed to the corner. Add to that 2 cuddly cats, a nice pool and a delicious coconut cake… We feel right at home! There is even a large library to renew our book stock, and games for Theotime. A few meters away, the beach, with underwater a real aquarium.

Bali-Pemuteran (19/06 to 23/06/2018)

We continue our route to cross through the beautiful Bali direction the very quiet little town of Pemuteran.

From Ubud, we pass through the massif of Munduk, where the view of the two lakes is splendid. We will not stop there, however, which makes us say that we still have many things to do in Bali!

Arriving in Pemuteran, we stay in a diving club held by French. The opportunity to meet great travelers families and so many friends for Théotime!

On the program for Alex, the ascent of the volcano Kawah Ijen on the island of Java. As usual he leaves at 11pm with 4 other French to come back, exhausted, only at noon the next day! A beautiful hike between massive fumaroles and impressive sulphur carriers. He'll also bring back a little piece: "Dad took a piece of the volcano" tells a very proud little boy… The pictures speak for themselves.

This time we also carry out a snorkeling excursion on the beautiful islet of Menjangan: The multicoloured fish are legion and the corals are still preserved.

We have trouble leaving this little corner of paradise!

Bali-Ubud (14/06 to 19/06/2018)

Java-Yogyakarta (11/06 to 14/06/2018)

We're more of a gambler. Since Camiguin, it is therefore left for 26h of travel/transit, 1 night on artificial turf of Jakarta Airport, 4 planes, 1 scooter, 2 taxis and 1 bus, in order to arrive at our following destination: The island of Java in Indonesia!

After reflection, we decided to go directly to Yogyakarta, in order to explore the great temples of Borobudur and Prambanan. After our experience at Camiguin it is a delight to find a rich and varied breakfast, a swimming pool and not a single corny in our room! Théotime does not come back from having a hot shower and tells us several times "mm we are good here!"

We leave from Yogyakarta, delighted with this step in Java. Alex will return in a few days, by ferry and night, to make the ascent of the volcano Kawah Ijen. For now, direction Bali, our last destination at 3!