Troop report and some figures

End of April 2018. In a few days, it will be 4 months that we are on the roads, between Central America, South America, Polynesia and New Zealand. Already a long way, and yet still surprises and wonderful discoveries on the road. We quietly take our cruising pace, according to our desires, weather, playgrounds … Our journey is also built day by day, and around Theotime, which in its way allows us to appreciate the Many little things (we'll remember for a long time the "pasta! with tuna on it, great!" during our Spartan diets on Easter Island!). We had planned our itinerary in France, finally arrived in the country we enjoy spending several days in the same place, ask several hours at noon near a torrent (ah !! throw pebbles into the water and make "Boats" with sticks …) or park.

At the dawn of moving to the land of the rising sun, to return to the northern hemisphere left on January 25, and to begin to reduce the kms and times of jet lag that separate us from France, the point on these 4 last months…

Number of countries visited: 5

Number of kilometers traveled: around 37000

Number of nights spent at the airport: 2

Number of nights spent in the tent: 50

Number of hot showers in America: 23/60 or 38% … ("A cold cold cold shower" as Theotime still tells us, used to run under the jet screaming to try to remove a simulacrum of soap … We do not drag on a thing is sure)

Number of good cheese: 1 (goat cheese in Pucon)

Number of failed attempts to find a good cheese: 43

Number of fantasy discussions around cheese: 98

* Repeat the previous 3 points by replacing "cheese" with "bread".

Number of times folded and unfolded: 264 (at the time of writing we are still alive)

Number of delicious naps spent by Theotime on the back of his dad while he sweated blood and water between mountains and tropical forests: 34

Number of stories read to Theo: 714 (7 different. He knows them by heart. US too…)

Number of books a parent reads from the Book Exchange: 17

Number of washing of our clothes by hand: 37

Number of layers changed: 530

Number of stray dogs that accompanied us on our walks: 35 (sometimes 4 at the same time, there were people on the trails!)

Number of cows having tried to load us in New Zealand: 2 (we will find them with the tickle rather easy contrary to the placidity of the cows of our pastures).

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