Japan: 15 Fun facts incongruous or interesting

  • By entering and leaving the train compartments, the controllers always make a greeting by leaning forward. They can repeat these gestures up to 20-30 times per trip.
  • It is strictly forbidden to take the escalator with its stroller. Guards are watching. We do this by doing the small salute several times (do not have too much pain on the back) while punctuating it with several "Arigato cozaïmassss" by letting long hang the "s" in the manner of a snake. It's working.
  • When you have shoes removed for example in a tatami restaurant and you need to go to the bathroom, pairs of special toilet slippers are there to accommodate our little feet.
  • There is a toilet everywhere, with an exemplary cleanliness even in the subway. On the side of the toilet, you can put music if you want a little privacy.
  • At the pool, women bathe with a running pantyhose covering even their ankles, and a long-sleeved sweatshirt coming at their fingertips. In the same pool but on the Onsen side we bathe naked!
  • The Japanese love Théotime's blond hair and big eyes: When we walk we often hear "kawaiiiiiiii" ("cute"). When we take a picture, 20 Japanese have the same picture of us…
  • In 25 days and a lot of trips and visits we never heard anyone raising the voice.
  • The children are all an extraordinary calm. We never see them crying, or silently. No one runs all over the subway, throws his blankie, doesn't scream "I want a banana now!", NE… Except ours (and there we do not tell Kawai…)
  • It is possible to walk in an extremely dense crowd (think Paris time peak times 2) without anyone rushing you. Practice!
  • Babies are never breastfed in public even when they are small. There are specific places for this (and forbidden to men), referenced on an application. We're happy not to have our little voracious number two in open bar yet.
  • If you forget your precious iPhone in the subway, your neighbor will be waiting for you at the next station to give it to you. Tested and approved (once we are sufficient).
  • In supermarket stores and supermarkets, cashiers talk to us all the time they spend our articles. We think they say something like "a sandwich will make 200 yen, a cupcake 118 yen etc etc…" But we're not sure. We don't understand anything!
  • Our flagship meals always in these same supermarket: croquettes (fried rice ball and stuffed) and chicken skin skewers (yes Yes only skin)
  • There are no garbage cans in public places, the street… And rarely in the subway. Yet we have never seen a single paper on the floor.
  • Unfortunately when there is a dustbin we have the choice between glass bottles or "to burn". Recycling does not seem to have made its place yet.

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