Back to France!

On July 11th, after a harassing 26h of flights and transits of all kinds, we return to the south of France to the mother of Amel in order to give birth to our little adventurer who will have followed us for the entire duration of the journey!
A very appreciated break in the trip, which allows us to catch our breath before considering the continuation of the adventures at 4.
After a very peaceful pregnancy, that we all lived together every day and at the rhythm of the movements of the growing baby, we choose to give birth to this little being in an equally serene way: Edison was born on August 28th, in the sweetness of Our home for these few months of transit in France. Théotime who had accompanied her with his songs, stories and laughter throughout his life in utero, discovered his little sister a few hours after his birth, and it is naturally that life at 4 began!
Edison, on October 9th we will resume our trip where we had paused in the itinerary, direction Thailand, then South India for another few weeks of travel!

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